Welcome everyone. Here is the Grand launch to our main corporate page. After months of planning, we have finally decided the layout of how things will become. This replaces the “Chaos Rift Games” page for the corporate Front end. That page is just a huge mess, to clean up would erase years of work.

Deverydoo.com will take over the YouTube side of things. Gaming Entertainment and Videos.

Chaosrift.com (Est: June 1999) the first site that started it all will, well let’s say it’s special. It’ll continue being geared towards fictional writing and dark humor. I spent some good time cleaning it up and deleting crap content. Over 500 junk articles gone. I honestly don’t remember why “Chaos Rift” was chosen as a name. The domain was originally registered to build up my skillset in running email, web and dns servers to design and build network infrastructure. This kickstarted my career. It’s more nostalgic than anything. I may even sell it all for a good price.

Chaosriftgames.com will continue being the Gaming Blog site until we get to a point where it’s becoming a conflict of interest to write about games. Being gamers at heart, this is what we love, writing about games and playing games.

Finally, each game will have it’s own subsite. Either as a subdomain or it’s own. Depending on the importance of the project.

Thank you everyone, new and old who’ve been here through our constant metamorphosis.