Folkvang Studios (Also known as Chaos Rift Entertainment) is an Indie Maker and Publisher of PC and console video games. We’re a small company with a grand vision!

From the Founder

I’ve been a passionate gamer my entire life. My first gaming system was the 8-Bit Nintendo. My mother set me up with a good deeds jar to save for one. Money was tight, so I had to work for everything, even the gaming system. Of course that good deeds jar never filled up, and just before he died, my Grandfather bought me the Nintendo for Christmas. I must have spent a hundred hours or more playing Super Mario.  When the Super Nintendo came out, I mowed lawns and shoveled driveways to save enough money for that system. I grew up with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Kid Icarus and all the rest, they’re ingrained into my soul. So it was no surprise when I decided to make Folkvang’s first few official games platformers, in the spirit of the games that formed me. 

I spent most of my adult life working from one corporation to another. They rob a person of their soul and spirit. Video games were always my escape. But something changed. Loot boxes, pay-to-win and all these other horrible words started destroying my favorite past time, my escape from the corporate world. Games were no longer enjoyable, they were just work, away from work. So I’d get home from work and start making games. Little games at first, copies of popular games to get the skills to make my own ideas become reality. 

But things were moving too slow. So just as “Animal Friends Adventure” was ready to publish, i took the biggest risk of my life. I quit my corporate job, cashed in my life savings and focused on the games 16 hour a day, 7 days a week. I sacrificed everything to make my dream happen. So here I am, a single person Indie game studio, working from sunrise to beyond sunset. Putting all my cards on the table, going all in on the biggest gamble of my life. 

Our Mission Statement

Craig Giannelli, Founder and CEO
I was at a wedding, this is the only time you’ll
see me dressed this way. 

Our Mission Statement is simple: To craft fun and easily accessible games.

Our model is pay once, play forever. We’ll continue to update and refine our games the best we can. DLC should always have value. If and when we do add DLC, it’ll be a complete game on it’s own (how Witcher 3 did it). Eventually we’ll try episodal games like “Life is Strange”. 

Folkvang’s design philosophy is for all our games to be intuitive and easy to jump into for all ages. One thing that has ruined gaming for us is the barrage of disruptive tutorials and overly complex “mechanics” that end up barely being used. Playing a game should feel natural and the gameplay should be smooth and consistent. Gamers are smart people and we will treat you with that respect in our games. 

We love, have a passion for Fantasy and CyberPunk styling. Over time as we grow, our games will be a blend of both wildly different genres. Our planned top down shooter “Steam City Chaos” will be just this. 

Our ultimate goal is to develop story packed games. Our stories will be Dark and Mythical, thought evoking. Our Flagship game currently in development “Immortal Realm” is just such a game with an already extensive story and background.

It’s all in the Name

Freya, our Patron Goddess.
Freya, our patron Goddess.

Folkvang is a friendly, more welcoming name than “Chaos Rift”. It’s a goal to expand game development into a few different genres and to be less “rough” sounding. 

Folkvangr is the second heaven ruled by the Goddess Freya. Upon Death half of the Vikings go here. Valhalla, ruled by Odin takes the other half. King Redbad of Frisia (Northern Netherlands) famously refused to convert to Christianity because he “preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors than in Heaven with his enemies.”

Freya, sister to Freyr is a special Goddess to this studio.

Not just Games

We’re more than a small Indie Game Dev shop. We’re a media company. We capture and edit video as well as maintain a youTube Presence via our very own gamer and actor: Deverydoo.

How the Games are Built

Ever since the release of the wildly popular Super Panda Adventure Tour we’ve adopted Unity 3D and use it exclusively.

The choice of Unity was a tossup between CryEngine and Unreal. When learning a new platform education and community are extremely important. Despite all the positives of Unreal, we chose to go with Unity3D for many reasons. Unity3D has an amazing support community, top notch educational courses on Udemy and seemingly endless supply of assets. 

Invest in us!

Buy our games and share our story! Seriously that is the best way to help. Our current goal is $5 million. This goes towards marketing (extremely expensive) and hiring people to start growing the company and making bigger, better games. Why invest? Because we’re building something good. Something for the future. We are putting the soul back into gaming.

Share, like and Subscribe to our Social media. The links are all at the very top of the website and viewable on every page. It’s super easy and doesn’t require much of your own time. It’s FREE to do too! This is an amazing way to help Folkvang Studios and really be part of something.