Folkvang Studios (Formerly Chaos Rift Entertainment) is an Indie Maker and Publisher of mobile and PC video games. We’re a small company with a grand vision!

From the Founder

A a young boy I was Fascinated by Ravens. They were big, bold birds with an amazing intelligence. In 7th grade I was introduced to the Hobbit and then forward was hooked. Greek Mythology and fantasy worlds captivated me and my thirst for them was never satiated. I also discovered a love for psychology and story telling.

It wasn’t until I discovered Vikings and the Nordic ways that I really found my true soul. DNA testing confirmed, despite my name, I am of Slavic and Nordic descent. All this comes together and inspires a world of deep, immersive stories, tackling the darkness of human psychology the core of our existence. Sure, we got out start in “all ages” games, but even there, buried in the games was a certain darkness that only mature audiences would understand. This is the multidimensional approach in all our current and future games.

Our Mission Statement

Craig Giannelli, Founder and CEO
Craig Giannelli, Founder and CEO Folkvang Studios

Our Mission Statement is simple: To craft fun and easily accessible games. We’ve decided to go with the episodic approach. Making small core games with expanding storyline and gameplay elements through releases of episodes. This is the best way to avoid the endless grind and microtransactions of most modern games. This business model will also allows us steady growth.

We love, have a passion for Fantasy and CyberPunk styling. Over time as we grow, our games will be a blend of both wildly different genres.

Our ultimate goal is to develop story packed games. Our stories will be Dark and Mythical, thought evoking. Our Flagship game currently in development “Immortal Realm” is just such a game with an already extensive story and background.

It’s all in the Name

Freya, our Patron Goddess.
Freya, our patron Goddess.

Folkvangr is the second heaven ruled by the Goddess Freya. Upon Death half of the Vikings go here. Valhalla, ruled by Odin takes the other half. King Redbad of Frisia (Northern Netherlands) famously refused to convert to Christianity because he “preferred spending eternity in Hell with his pagan ancestors than in Heaven with his enemies.”

Freya, sister to Freyr is a special Goddess to this studio.

Not just Games

We’re more than a small Indie Game Dev shop. We’re a media company. We capture and edit video as well as maintain a youTube Presence via our very own gamer and actor: Deverydoo.

How the Games are Built

Ever since the release of the wildly popular Super Panda Adventure Tour we’ve adopted Unity 3D and use it exclusively.

The choice of Unity was a tossup between CryEngine and Unreal. When learning a new platform education and community are extremely important. Despite all the positives of Unreal, we chose to go with Unity3D for it’s extensibility

The Best way to Invest in us

Folkvang Studios’ goal is to raise up $5 million to fund development of our next games. An Interactive world RPG “Immortal Realm” and an episodic Top/Down Zombie Shooter. We need art assets, a programmer or two and time.

If you’re just a player or avid fan, the best thing is to simply buy the “No-ads” version of the game via In-App Purchases. Or buy other trinkets. They’re mostly a “thank you” because the items are all pretty easy to earn in game.

Share, like and Subscribe to our Social media. The links are all at the very top of the website and viewable on every page. It’s super easy and doesn’t require much of your own time. It’s FREE to do too! This is an amazing way to help Folkvang Studios and really be part of something.