Folkvang Studios (Also known as Chaos Rift Entertainment): A small company with a Grand Vision.

We’re a small Indie Startup with a grand vision to bring fun back into entertainment and gaming. Video games are not chores, or second jobs, they’re a fun escape from the mundane that is our daily life. The games we make won’t be grindy or contain mind breaking puzzles. Just quick simple fun you can play casually or as hardcore as you like.

Super Happy Panda going on adventure.

The games we play are a huge variety, so we can’t spend much time on a single one. We love all games and live in the moment of each one.

We also enjoy playing games and doing crazy stuff on our partner’s YouTube channel. We’re a bit of everything from Making games to playing and enjoying games. If it’s not fun, it’s not us.

Check back periodically for more updates as we continue to build our brand.