Folkvang Studios (Also known as Chaos Rift Entertainment)

A small company with a Grand Vision.

Super Happy Panda going on adventure.Welcome to my “always under construction” home page. Folkvang Studios is an “entertainment” company and thus constantly evolving. My primary focus is making small scale video games. The next project is a Farming and Fishing game.  I hope to have a demonstration out in the next few months. There’s also the Youtube Channel portion of this adventure. I took to the PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) world like crazy. I see them as very viable modes of transportation that can easily replace space hogging cars and trucks. They’re also quite economical. I bought mine with Bitcoin just before the crash. 

Why two names?

I originally started as “Chaos Rift Entertainment”. However, my “Panda” line of games started moving towards a more young age and family friendly feel. So I felt a need for a more welcoming name. Digging into my Scandenavian roots, Folkvang came to be. I’ll be fully adopting the Folkvang name and phasing out Chaos rift. 


Animal Friends Adventure’s massive update is out on XBOX One and Steam! This was a massive code rewrite and User Interface change. The overall quality of the game is significantly higher since rewriting. Now that I sort of know what I’m doing, my next game will be significantly better from the start. Oh did I forget to mention this is a single person company? I keep hoping some billionaire will drop a few coins for the Witcher, I mean me so I can get some artists and really make some great games.