Folkvang Studios (Also known as Chaos Rift Entertainment): A small company with a Grand Vision.

Super Happy Panda going on adventure.We’re a small Indie Startup with a grand vision. Founded by a passionate, life long gamer, who wants to bring back the classics. We want to make a complete game that you buy once and play forever. No ads, no pay-to-win, just a core game that is fun and complete all by itself. Our personal favorite game “The Witcher 3” showed the industry how it’s done right. Each DLC pack was an entire new game in it’s own right. This is how we promise to do business for all of our games.

Folkvang Studios and Chaos Rift Entertainment are the two names we use to divide up our Game style. Folkvang will be geared towards all ages and kid style games. While the Chaos Rift name will be used to publish our more adult oriented games like our upcoming “Immortal Realm” and “Steam City Chaos”. Why? Folkvang is friendlier and more welcoming for parents and children.
With the upcoming publishing on XBOX One, a lot of things are hopefully going to change for the better. It’s with great hope the company can grow and publish bigger, better games. I left the corporate world to make games and reclaim my soul. Let’s make it happen together!