I spent the best part of the past 4 months Polishing up “Animal Friends Adventure”. I want/need to make this game as awesome as possible. It’s no longer a “Creators” game (self published) on the Microsoft store. It’s an official XBOX title and now going through a lengthy and rigid certification process. This is fantastic news for Folkvang as we’ve gone from small self published Indie to a small Publisher published indie. Well that was a mouthful.

I sacrificed everything to get to this point. To arrive at this moment. An empty house, filled with silence. The only noises are the humming of electronics, my roomba and cat. I’ve watched the sun rise so many times from my East facing office window as I worked fixing bugs, making more bugs and tracking down weird issues. I polished up Animal Friends Adventure the best I ever could. I redid all the marketing, branding and achievement art.

This past Friday I finally pushed the “Submit for certification” button. Just like that my soul was swept clean of all it’s burdens. I had something I had not seen in a long time… Spare time. But that time was fleeting as well. I had a plethora of “half-assed” websites to refine and make better. This site, Super Panda’s site and the gaming website. All needed to be tweaked and made to look professionally done. I was just not happy with the current “Applay” wordpress theme. I did a search and found “Avada”. My weekend was gone again. But that’s not bad. Appearance is everything and the web presence is the first thing you see when discovering this small corner of the world.

So here I am. Finally able to write an update. First thing in the morning, coffee gone cold. Don’t take any of the above as a complaint. I chose this path. I willingly sacrificed summer, outdoors, time with friends and family to make this game happen. This is my passion and what I enjoy most in life. I want to make games enjoyable, bring back an old design philosophy that was lost in corporate. That was lost in the endless shuffle of “Self published”.

I’ll stop here and turn the above into an article on it’s own. I’ve fallen off topic, there’s just so much to say.

Thank you!